What Brandy Sleddogs Rescue Offer

All dogs that come into our husky rescue get fully Vetted, 
Nexgard FleaTick,Worming Fecal
Spayed or Neutered
Current on Rabies and DHLPP vaccines Microchipped
Fitted with a limited slip mushing
Collar Tagged with an ID that is maintained in a database
Seen by a veterinarian if medical care is needed

Each Adopter gets a started bag of food,Treats and Toys to make the Foster more comfortable and well adjusted in your home and most important is that the Dogs will be apart of your family for life. 

Brandy Sleddogs Rescue is a Rescue for Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and Husky Mixes that are unwanted,abused and abandoned and  or surrender by there  owner

Welcome To Brandy Sleddogs Rescue Of

Central California

Alaskan malamute-siberian husky-samoyed-husky mixes

Our Goal Is giving 2nd Chances For These Husky Rescuing how many we can take into Rescue 

Remember It's all about the Dogs!!!

The reason to do business with Brandy Sleddogs Rescue

Save a Husky Donate Today and Together we can Continue to make a deference saving life! Plus endless Puppy kisses in the Process.

​BRANDY SLEDDOGS RESCUE MISSION FOR NORTHERN BREEDS SUCH AS -Alaskan Malamutes,Samoyed,Siberian Husky and Husky mixes  
We Help, Educate, Rehabilitate,Rescue,Fostering, Finding homes for unwanted abandoned, mistreated and abused Northern breed dogs: Such as Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyed,Siberian Husky and Husky mix Breeds  


Store:Belmont Pet Food Express
Where to Come and find your Forever Friend

Where:Belmont Pet Food Express

Address of the Store:990 El Camino Real, Belmont, California 94002, United States

Number of the Store:(650) 592-5555

Hours: 11:30 until 3:30

Dates:Sunday October 22, 2017

Phone# 831-206-9226 ** E-mail-brandysleddogsrescue@gmail.com

Is for Rescuing Sled dogs Such as (Alaskan Malamutes-Siberian Husky-Samoyed and Husky Mixes ). Is an All-Volunteer Non Profit group Committed into Giving 2nd Chances to these husky. Our Mission is Helping,rescuing-rehabilitating-Educating and finding new homes for unwanted,abused,abandoned that are facing Euthanasia in Shelter or surrendered by their owner

So you want a Sleddogs?

Alaskan Malamute,Siberian Husky and Sleddogs breed are intelligent, vocal and sometime escape artists. There pack animals. They blow there coat often and a lot. individually, each dogs has its own history and personality. They are a challenge,they need a special home with a person that's going to take the time to understand them, give them the exercise they need and the main thing they need is a Lots of LOVE---A Sleddogs Rescue is a Combine Rescue breed such as call- Alaskan Malamute,Siberian Husky,Samoyed and Husky Mix