2)Must be at least 21 years old with a stable Job or Other 

3) To have some or any Dog Experience or Have Northern Breed Experience is a Plus

4) We do not adopt out "outdoor pets." Pets that are left outside to do not bond as readily with their owners and are prone to nuisance behaviors like barking, escaping, roaming, digging, predatory behavior and other destruction. If applicants currently have an "outdoor pet" their adoption may be denied.

5)Have a Home,Condo or an Apartment 

6) Enroll in a Training Classes or do Training yourself 

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest, it’s about who came and never left your side. Help and support us at
Brandy Sled Dogs Rescue of Central California.

Requirement for Adoption 

​​FIRST ​-----BEFORE ANYTHING YOU WOULD NEED TO FILL OUT AN ONLINE ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE on this page Dog's for Adoption right on top of the Requirement for Adoption ( JUST CLICK ON THE RED ICON AND FILL IT OUT  --- THEN IT WILL COME BACK TO JUST----- THEN AFTER YOU GET THAT DONE – We can move to the next Step if you are ready to Adopt!!) 

Or if your still on the Fence you  CAN COME TO ONE OF OUR MANY ADOPTION FAIR IN THE BAY AREA SO ONE OF OUR MANY VOLUNTEER CAN MEET WITH YOU WITH DOG(S) SO WHAT EVER QUESTION YOU HAVE THE VOLUNTEER CAN ANSWER.OR IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT TO THE FAIR'S WE CAN SCHEDULE AN HOME VISIT WITH DOG(S)---For more info about our Process you can go to our Adoption Process Page--- ( for our Adoption Fair Schedule you can go to our Adoption Fairs of the Month Page under www.Brandysleddogsrescue.org)

PHONE NUMBER-831-206-9226    E-MAIL-brandysleddogsrescue@gmail.com

Available DOGS For  Adoption

Brandy Sleddogs Rescue is committed to finding loving forever homes for each of our Sleddogs . Our customized adoption process is designed to find the best fit for adopters, whatever they may be looking for. You may have a specific Sleddogs in mind or just searching for a new family member; wherever you are in the process our Adoption Coordinators are here to guide you through the process