Meet the Dogs…

 Brandy Sled Dogs rescue holds dog adoption fairs every 1st to the 3rd week

of the month and if weather and time permits even the 4th.  Our goal is to

introduce and educate individuals and families to this loving breeds.

 Fairs are held in different “Pet Food Express” locations around the Bay Area

that you can check out using our “schedule” tab on our adoption page.

 Once you find the Dog that interest you and unable to make it to any of our fairs,

you can schedule an appointment with us by calling 831-206-9226 or

emailing us at brandysleddogsrescue@gmail.com.  We will work with you

and arrange to have a meet and greet with your future furry pal.


It’s a family affair…

 We find it very important to bring everybody in your family including your own

pet(s) when you go and meet your new potential family furry member.  We want

to make sure that the special chemistry between you and your new pal will

be magical.  Remember that every individual dog has their own story and history

and it’s all up to you and your family to change that moving forward.


What’s the next step…

If you are now ready to take the next step and consider adoption, we have

some basic questions (don’t worry it’s not a test) that we want you to fill

out that you can access on our Dog Adoption Page.

Some of the questions might be a little bit strange, but keep in mind that

this are all very important to us to make sure that we can find you a

perfect match.  We also encourage families to do your part in learning more

about this particular breed by reading and researching so that when the 

time comes that you are ready to take home your new pal, transition will be

much more easier.


Almost there…

 Once you completed the form and passed our pre-qualification, we will then

schedule a home inspection.  But no worries, we just want to make sure that all is

good so that we can give you tips and advises to make the arrival of your new pal

as smooth as possible.  If you live in an apartment, condo or tiny house that has

no backyard or fence, worry not you are still qualified! Just give us a plan on

how you will manage in taking your new pal out to ensure they get their daily



For houses that has backyards, Yea that is a plus!  This breeds requires a lot

of exercise and having a yard where they can run around and play is a big thing.

Part of our inspection is to make sure that your fence is at least 6ft tall and

free of clutter.  Remember that your new pal is very smart and they can use

any object close to the fence as launching pad to be able to get out.  That is

why they are labeled as “escape artists”.


This is it…

 The moment has come and your long wait is over.  Finally you are ready to

adopt.  After we approved your application and inspections, the last and final

step is completing an Adoption Contract.  A small adoption fee will also be

collected payable to Brandy Sled Dogs Rescue.


Brandy Sled Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse to adopt.


Finally, congratulations and all will live happily ever after.